Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mobile Phone Batteries- Essential part of mobile phones

Phone Batteries
Batteries are an essential part of mobile phones without which they will not work. Most mobile phone batteries these days are Li ion, which are lighter, slimmer and offer more standby time than its predecessors. If you are looking for phone batteries because you lost the battery or because it died on you, here is some information that will help you make the right choice.
Original Replacements
When replacing the batteries in your mobile phone it is always recommended that you use an original battery made by your phone manufacturer. Duplicate batteries although cheap will only damage your phone in the long run. If they are unavailable at your local store, check the internet for it. A lot of websites offer phone batteries for almost all models produced by phone manufacturers. They also offer guarantees and free shipping, ensuring that you get your battery safely delivered to your doorstep.
Prolonging the life of the battery
With a little care you can ensure that the battery provided with the phone at the time of purchase will last as long as the phone itself. When you charge the battery for the first time, make sure you do it for at least 16 hours or as specified in the instruction manual. Phone batteries last longest when stored at room temperature. Charge the battery according to its type. Li Ion batteries should not be fully discharged and nickel based batteries don’t need to be drained completely as formerly believed. Remove batteries from the phone when you know it is not going to be used for some time. Clean battery contacts on the battery and on the phone. Use a black background when browsing the net.
Mobile Phone Battery Failure
You know the battery is dying if the usable time after a recharge reduces, it becomes swollen, the battery becomes warm during recharge or when you use the phone. If you notice any of these signs in your mobile phone battery, replace it immediately to avoid any injury or mishap.
Avoid overcharging the battery and optimize battery usage by turning off the backlight, vibrator and the phone itself when not in use.