Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mobile Phone Chargers

Got a new phone, lost your Phone charger or need more charging options? You will be surprised at the wide variety of mobile phone chargers on offer starting from original chargers offered by mobile phone manufacturers to car and desktop chargers manufactured by other companies. You can take your pick depending on the requirements.
What to look for
Before buying a new mobile phone charger identify your needs. Do you want to replace a lost or old charger? Or are you looking for more charging options like charging in the car, through the laptop or while travelling abroad? Genuine chargers made the phone manufacturers are recommended. Also look for CE & ROHS approval which will ensure your safety. Most chargers should also come with a minimum 12 month warranty.
Charger Options
Mains or travel chargers are the most common mobile phone chargers, available in both original and duplicates. Car chargers with or without holders can be plugged in to the cigarette lighter. Travel pouches that contain multiple pins are convenient when you have more than one phone or if you are travelling out of the country. Desktop chargers with multiple ports look compact and smart and chargers that can be connected to the USB ports in laptops come in handy while on the move or when there is no power source available. The latest in the market is the car charger which comes with a socket so that it can be used as a mains charger.
The Universal Charger
The European Commission in 2009 called on all phone manufacturers to make phones that would work with a universal charger. Apple, Emblaze Mobile, Atmel, Huawei Technologies, Motorola, LGE, NEC, Qualcomm, Nokia, RIM, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Texas Instruments and TCT Mobile have agreed to comply with the standards issued by the commission with regard to this. Universal chargers will reduce e-waste, enable users to stick to the same charger through multiple phones and also reduce the cost of new mobile phones since manufacturers will not have to include one with every phone. Phones that are compatible with these standards are expected to hit the market very soon.

Latest Mobile Phone Cases

Have you got a brand new phone recently? And have you been trying really hard not to scratch or drop it accidentally? Find it frustrating that the harder you try, the more difficult it is becoming? Welcome the mobile phone case to your life. Like everything else that has to do with mobile phones, the variety you can choose from is mind numbing. Protecting your phone from those scratches, dents and bumps is really not that hard anymore.
The Tough Shell Case
Tough shell Mobile Phone Cases are the new rage. Made from tough polycarbonate, a shell case will fit your phone like a glove. At the same time it will allow you to access all the functions on your phone without having to take it out of the shell. What’s more, the perfect fit ensures that it does not look like you have a cover thereby keeping intact the looks that you probably fell for.
Plastic and leather phone cases
Plastic mobile phone cases are still very popular which means there is a quite a variety to choose from. Back covers in interesting colours, crystal clear cases which are sensitive so that they can be used with touch phones and fascias that add life to your old phones are the options to choose from. Leather adds that touch of elegance and class and has been known to be the most effective against radiation. The executive wallet case, flip case/pouch, slip in cases, pouches or phone socks, holders that can be attached to the belt and pull up slip in pouches all come in leather.
Silicon and Rubber
Silicon or rubber mobile phone cases are the answer if you are looking for well fitting soft cases that retain the shape of the phone. Your chance of damaging the phone case is less and also offers you a wide variety in terms of colour and design when compared to a plastic case. Back covers, pouches, skin cases, sili crystal cases if you want the clear see through finish and covers that have sporty tire designs or the more feminine flower and butterfly designs in an assortment of colours are made from rubber and more commonly silicon.